ALIC GOLDEN PRODUCT(034):CABLEPublished: 2017-06-06 16:38:35

As the only one company in China among the four world professional aluminum alloy cable manufacturers, we have developed 8000 series aluminum alloy with high elongation and mixed with iron, rare earth and other elements as the conductor of the cable after the processes of drawing, compacted stranding and special annealing.

Products involved are XHHW-2, Service Entrance Cable, MC Cable, RHH/RHW/USE Cable, Mobile Home Feeder, PV Cable, UD Cable, etc. They’ve been certified by UL of the United States, CUL of Canada, SAI GLOBL of Australia and SIRIM of Malaysia and exported to 23 states of  America for nearly 10 years, having been applied for more than 80 patents.

As for the production lead time, it is 7~15 days based on the order quantity and MOQ is 1,000 meters.

Contact me, if you have interest; our e-catalog can also be sent at any time!

Ms.Bettina Liu
Tel: +86-551-62299298
Phone: +86-15215603912
Skype: bettina.liu0912

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